Candidate Accreditation Process

Global Enterprise Partners carries out a robust accreditation process to screen and ensure high calibre consultants are immediately available to support your project. This process guarantees that any consultant who is put forward for a position is willing, capable and available to fulfil the resource requirements for the specified rate in the required location.

Our Candidate Delivery Team are trained to perform steps 1 – 6, within 10 minutes of receiving a resource requirement, enabling quick and effective delivery to client requirements. The process adapts to the needs of each resource requirement and as such timeframes are tailored to each individual clients’ process.


Opening the recruitment process

1. The Account manager provides Candidate Delivery Team with a clear overview of resource requirements, timelines, and budgets.

2. The Candidate Delivery Team registers the official jobs order into our CRM system.

3. A job advertisement is written according to the requirement and published via Broadbean to over 30 specialised IT job boards.

4.  The job advertisement is posted on Global Enterprise Partners (GEP) social media channels to gain visibility from our extended network.

5. Tailored candidate lists are created on the GEP Candidate Management System.

6. All relevant and eligible candidates receive a targeted email with the job requirement information.

7. The Candidate Delivery Team individually calls each relevant candidate within the list, qualifying them for the role, checking for their availability and interest in the position.

8. All relevant candidates identified from the advert, social media, email response and phone calls are shortlisted against the official job order.

Identifying the correct profile

9. All shortlisted candidates are rigorously interviewed by a Global Enterprise Partners recruitment consultant.

10. Candidates' skills and project experience are rated against the official job order.

11. Candidates' availability to start work is rated against the official job order.

12. Candidates' personal requirements and ability to travel, and capacity complete the work are assessed.

13. At least two professional references are obtained and taken on behalf of all eligible candidates. The references are asked to substantiate the information on a candidates’ CV and assess the candidates’ ability to do the work specified by the official job order.

Closing the recruitment process

14. An agreement is reached with the candidate regarding their rate, and held against the agreed benchmarks for the official job order.

15. All compliance elements (tax, travel, payment) are agreed upon in line with the established policies and legal requirements for the job order.

16. The candidate is sent a full summary of what has been agreed upon and asked for their acceptance of the details.

17. The Account Manager assesses the shortlisted candidates and selects the strongest profiles to put forward.

18. Selected candidates are sent to the client with full candidate information included in a comprehensive digital profile, which includes our 'Showcaser' video interview technology.

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