Freelancer Recruitment Services

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Whether you are a first-time freelancer or are a freelance veteran, we want to find you a project that you enjoy. Our consultants spend considerable time getting to know you, so we really understand your aspirations and what's important to you in a project. Our trusted network means we work with freelancers time and time again. We can help you line-up your next project, before your current one comes to an end. You can benefit from our strong relationships with SAP, Salesforce and other ERP software suite teams. 

Our freelancer recruitment services include:

We place freelancers into projects in ERP on premise, Business Transformations, Cloud technology and BI & Analytics

Trusted Network

As a specialist enterprise technology recruitment agency, we work with specialist freelancers with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Salesforce compentencies. 

We support enterprise technology freelancers in all stages of their job hunt. Whether you are actively looking, currently on a project, or looking for change.

Global Mobility

Sometimes a new project can mean a new city or country. We can advise and support you with all aspects of your transition including:

  • Optimized travel options to suit your personal requirements;

  • Support securing local accommodation;

  • Transition from permanent employmee to freelancer;

  • Advice on insurance and medical coverage;

  • Expertise on local tax, visas and immigration requirements, where required.


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