Our 18-step guarantee

Finding the right consultant in the right location at the right time can be a challenge. We can place freelancers with SAP, IT Program Manager, Data Engineer, Scrum Master, IT Architect, IT Consultant and Salesforce competencies in your teams. 

Matching a freelancer with a team is more than just paring a project requirement with a CV. To give you confidence in the placement, we carry out a robust 18 Step Candidate Accreditation Process. This screens and qualifies all consultants to provide the highest calibre of talent to deliver the results you need. We assess every freelancers’ skillset, experience and availability in order to guarantee that they are a good professional and cultural fit for your organization and project.

We offer you:

  • Dedicated recruitment management team;
  • Guaranteed compliance to all freelance taxation and immigration requirements in multiple countries;
  • Global mobility and support service to assist candidates' ability and ease of joining your project;
  • A tailored staffing solution to your organization's and team's needs;
  • Access to a network of ERP freelancers in multiple countries.

18 Step Candidate Accreditation Process

It's important to be sure that your next hire is the right fit for your project, team, and organization. Our 18 Step Candidate Accreditation Process is completed for each assignment, to give you peace of mind that you are hiring the right freelancer.

Some requirements can be urgent or time-sensitive, and you may not have the time for the whole process. We can perform steps 1 to 6 immediately, upon receiving a resource requirement.  This enables quick delivery to project requirements and to access the talent you need, when you need it. 

Opening the recruitment process

  1. The Account Manager provides Candidate Delivery Team with a clear overview of resource requirements, timelines, and budgets.
  2. The Candidate Delivery Team registers the official job order into our CRM system.
  3. A job advertisement is written according to the requirement and published to specialised job boards.
  4. The job advertisement is posted on Global Enterprise Partners (GEP) on LinkedIn to gain visibility from our extended and passive candidate network.
  5. Tailored candidate lists are created on the Global Enterprise Partners CMS.
  6. All relevant and eligible candidates receive a targeted email with the job requirement information.
  7. The Candidate Delivery Team individually calls each relevant candidate within the list, qualifying them for the role, checking for their availability and interest in the position.
  8. All relevant candidates identified from the advert, LinkedIn, email response and phone calls are shortlisted against the official job order.

Identifying the correct profile

  1. All shortlisted candidates are rigorously interviewed by a Global Enterprise Partners recruitment consultant.
  2. Candidates' skills and project experience are rated against the official job order.
  3. Candidates' availability to start work is rated against the official job order.
  4. Candidates' personal requirements and ability to travel, and capacity to complete the work are assessed.
  5. At least two professional references are obtained and taken on behalf of all eligible candidates. The references are asked to substantiate the information on a candidates’ CV and assess the candidates’ ability to do the work specified by the official job order.

Closing the recruitment process

  1. An agreement is reached with the candidate regarding their rate, and held against the agreed benchmarks for the official job order.
  2. All compliance elements are agreed on, in line with the established policies and legal requirements for the job order.
  3. The candidate is sent a full summary of what has been agreed upon and asked for their acceptance of the details.
  4. The Account Manager assesses the shortlisted candidates and selects the strongest profiles to put forward.
  5. Selected candidates are sent to the client with full candidate information included in a comprehensive digital profile, which includes our Showcaser video interview technology.
SAP S/4HANA Trainer - Manchester, UK (Hybrid) - 12 Months+
Salary: Depending on your experience
Location: Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Contract
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Scrum Master wanted- 12+ Months- Remote- ASAP-Freelance
Salary: competitive
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Contract
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Data analyst
Location: Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Contract
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Senior Business Analyst
Location: England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Contract
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