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In order to secure you a project in your technology field, we recruit into specific industries. This industry focus allows us to develop strong relationships, so that you can have access to brand name clients and exciting projects in these industries. 

What if I'm not an industry specialist?

Not everyone we work with is an industry specialist or has a preference in working in a particular industry. Our industry focus approach forms the basis of a strong project portfolio, which will benefit your freelance project hunt with opportunities and options across technologies and industries.

Which industries do Global Enterprise Partners recruit into?

We currently have four industry teams:

  1. Process - Chemical, FMCG, CPG, Pharmaceuticals
  2. Hi-Tech & Energy - Discrete Manufacturing, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Renewables
  3. Retails - Fashion, Apparel & Footware, Wholesale, Grocery
  4. System Integrators

Considering becoming an industry specialist? Read here to find out how it can benefit your project search.