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Global Enterprise Partners is a strategic recruitment partner for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) professionals and companies globally. It has built a strong presence in contract employment and have established communities of ERP experts all over the world. 

In Japan, Global Enterprise Partners offers contract solutions in three different models. Click below to see more details about each contract model.


Types of contract solutions we offer

Haken (Dispatched worker)

A Haken (dispatched worker) model is where contractors are not employed directly by the company they are working for, but through an agency who sent them. Their salary is based on hourly rates and transport costs are often included in the hourly rate. Because of the nature and scope of the work, contractors will be able to specialise in a particular remit and will not have unrelated scope of work that are often associated with permanent employment.

If you end up working for the same company for more than three years, you will need to enter into a direct employment contract ie. You will become an employee of the company you’re working for (either permanent or contractual) rather than a temporary worker through an agency.

Gyomu Itaku (Outsourcing): Independent Contractor Model

Gyomu Itaku (Outsourcing) is not employment but a partnership. You function like an agency and partner with the company.

To work in an Independent Contractor Model, candidates are required to have an independent business or to have been registered as a sole trader (kojin jigyonushi).

There are generally two different types of Independent Contractor Models whether you’re an independent business or a sole trader. Kojin jigyonushi refers to the outsourcing of contracts which is an agreement where candidates are paid upon their deliverables whilst Inin Keiyaku is a mandate contract for legal issues and candidates are paid simply for the service they provide where no deliverables are required.

At Global Enterprise Partners, we mainly support “Jyun Inin Keiyaku” which is a quasi-mandate contract. This is a mandate contract for non-legal issues where you are paid for the work or service itself, as opposed to a contract where you are paid for the deliverables. In other words, you are contracted and paid to manage an internal system, provide ERP services or manage a project for a specific period of time.

Employed Contractor Model (ECM)

This model is a hybrid of Haken and Gyomu Itaku (Independent Contractor Model). With this model, like a Haken employee, a candidate will be an employee of SThree (Global Enterprise Partners is part of larger SThree group), and work for our client company, while we, Global Enterprise Partners, manage the contractors.

Benefits for job seekers include:

  • You will have access to the same level of benefits as those of a permanent employee in terms of health insurance, employment insurance, tax handling and more
  • As a specialist, you can work on major cutting-edge and innovative projects to upskill yourself


Compare our different contract working models

Which contract working model suits you the best? Read on to find out how our contract jobs can help reiginite your career.

Compare our contract working models


Why consider contract employment?

In the Japanese labour market where the legacy of life-time employment remains strong, permanent employment has always been the primary choice for both employers and employees.

However, in a rapidly changing tech industry, what is required to develop innovative businesses are very specific, and sometimes require leading-edge skill-sets rather than a life-time commitment of an employee. While people begin to appreciate more flexible ways of working, contract recruitment solutions can benefit job-seekers especially those who wish to reignite their careers. These benefits include:

  • Certainty that they are able to utilise their ERP skills
  • Salary per hour / project is usually much higher than permanent employment
  • More flexible way of working
  • Able to experience various industries and different types of projects
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Ability to work cutting edge projects and acquire new range of up-to-date skills relevant to today’s market


Why work with us?

Global Enterprise Partners has a strong record and great success in contract recruiting globally. 

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Our contracts factsheet

To learn more about our services and focus on ERP contract recruitment, please see our factsheet.

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