What's the top job in tech?

Recently we conducted an analysis of Tech jobs in the Business world for the second quarter of the year, and once again there are some interesting insights to share.

We got the answer to the question “What’s the top tech job right now?” but we also know what skills employers are looking for the most when it comes to tech and IT. Naturally, we are here to share those insights.


Software Developers - #1


In Q2, Software Developers still held the #1 spot as the most sought-after vacancy in the tech world. This naturally comes as no surprise, yet we do see that some other skills are also on the rise because of certain trends.

For example, there’s an immense interest in “IT Leadership and Strategy” skills across a range of vacancies which didn’t initially prioritise those qualities. We also saw this demand in Q1, and the fact that the trend continues in Q2 tells us that this is the road on which the tech world finds growth.

So what this means is that even though “Software Developer” is the top job, you will have an edge over your peers if you are a leader who can look a few steps ahead. Big companies and brands are also keeping their eye out for IT professionals who are well-vested with Enterprise Software like SAP S/4HANA, and also Data Science.

In fact, everything Data related is on a notable rise. How come?


Data Engineering on the Rise


If you ask around our office now what trends recruitment consultants notice on the tech market, everyone will tell you that they see a rise in data-based vacancies.

Data Engineers and Data Analysts are both very much needed in the tech world. It is the combo of those two vacancies that can completely revolutionise how a company functions. The main reason companies are investing so heavily into acquiring people who can easily collect, process and analyse data is mainly to cut costs – all of a sudden industries need a lot less people to get a lot more work done.

This is a direct consequence not only of the “Rise of AI”, but also the fact that all industries acknowledge the need to adapt to technological innovations. That insight, combined with the lack in demand for clerical/business process work, tells you exactly what skills you need to put in bold letters on your CV in order to be more “sought-after”.

If you can help with data, chances are we can place you on some great projects.


Ride the wave


Riding the data wave while it’s still on the rise is immensely important, but it’s of course not everything. We aim to supply our clients with people who have some extraordinary skills next to being absolute experts who can fill an open vacancy. Social skills like leadership, business skills like strategic thinking are skills which will help you no matter what job you are doing, and we strongly recommend investing in them every chance you get.

This is easy to say, but time slips away from everybody and it can be difficult to work on a new skill, and we know that. Yet from LinkedIn courses to on-the-job training there is a palette of ways to learn, even our GEP Academy is there to give you all the tools you need to be the most in-demand specialist on the job market.

That’s also why we’ll continue updating you on any and all trends that we notice, and work towards matching the best professionals with their ideal workplaces at all times.


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