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As an IT recruitment agency that globally works alongside market leaders across different sectors, we are in a unique position to be able to identify trends within the tech market in real-time. And that’s all because we get to see what vacancies/jobs are most in-demand to be filled at what time. This also means that we know what skillsets are most in-demand at a time.

So what are they?

In Q1 2023 the most in-demand skillset was “IT Leadership and Strategy”, and we also note that the demand for “Application Management and Support” skills have doubled since Q1 2022. In this article we want to explore why exactly is this, and also try and understand what that means for the future of the IT sector.


IT Leadership and Strategy

IT Leadership and Strategy is a set of skills that essentially helps drive entire businesses forward. The problem, and benefit, of the IT industry is the fact that it changes extremely quickly, so it can be difficult to navigate new technologies and stay on top of them as an organisation as well.

Take for example the SAP S/4Hana transformation, which we will discuss a bit more in coming blog iterations. SAP SE rolled out a new version of their software in 2015 meant to be the successor to SAP ERP and SAP R/3, and also brought upon a deadline for businesses to have this change implemented by 2027, as the previous versions will lose their support system then.

Large corporations can have extreme difficulty dealing with this type of transformation, as they have immensely large numbers of people who are completely reliant on the software they currently have in place. Sure, 12 years sounds like more than enough time for such a transition to happen, but this is enterprise software, it encompasses basically every major operating facet of a business, and there are 400,000+ businesses using this.

Now imagine something like advanced AI software, which became available to the public only recently. That’s also something businesses have to tackle. Do they block their employees from using it? Do they embrace it? If they embrace it then how and to what extent?

The gradually accelerating level of innovation on a global scale demands that not only business leaders have leadership skills, but for everybody to be able to contribute and adapt to changing winds as they come.


Application Management and Support

The many innovations happening in the world of #STEM, as mentioned, haven’t skipped over the world of software. Business-oriented software, be that for Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, or essentially any software or tool that can be used by a corporation, demands maintenance, especially in an environment where thousands use that software on the daily.

The ”fear of problems” is something we all face regularly, but this fear can make organisations more reluctant to implement new technologies and software since they do not know if they have the resources to develop a proper support structure for them. More concretely, it has been reported that IT teams across organisations are worried about how new tools or new versions of existing tools will cut into their time and budgets.

The solution? Application Management and Support - professionals with experience in dealing with certain tools who are able to help in its maintenance, management and support.


What does this mean for you?

The main takeaway from these points is how innovations and market news truly do affect the job market as well, now even more directly and rapidly than it would initially be expected.

We mentioned earlier the rise of #AI. Just as it was expected, as soon as the topic of AI boomed we noticed a rise in demand for data engineers compared to software developers. The main thing this can teach us is that we always have to stay on to of the news in our fields, as we can use opportunities to develop new skills, and also understand how to plan our professional futures more effectively.


Recap and future steps


So, to recap:


1.      The rapidly-changing market demands IT Leadership and Strategy skills so as to be able to overcome the challenge of innovation.

2.      Constant technical and software innovations increase the demand for Application Management Skills – get familiar with the most used software!

3.      Always stay on top of the news in your sector, all of them represent an opportunity to develop or to change your career path.


As mentioned, we are lucky enough to be at the source of every trend happening in the Tech market, and that is an opportunity we won’t waste. Keep an eye on our website for job updates, and more updates about market trends!


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