SAP Fiori: Pros and Cons

If you’re a long-term SAP consultant, or maybe just a newly starting developer, chances are you’ve had a healthy amount of experience with SAP’s Fiori UI.

Fiori released in 2013 as a type of replacement for SAP GUI. And although it’s been ten years since its release, we still hear various opinions and perspectives on the UI coming from older and newer users alike. So, for today’s article, we wanted to dive into some of the most common critiques and compliments professionals have about Fiori. Ultimately, we’d like to gain more of an understanding of where SAP is headed and identify tips that can help SAP specialists along the way.

What are people saying?

It is generally clear that Fiori attracts scrutiny from SAP professionals. While some users appreciate the UI, most point out certain criticisms that are worth noting. So, what is the main complaint?

“It is too slow.”

The primary problem specialists have with Fiori is that it is far too slow for them, especially compared to SAP GUI. Some users report that their inbox takes too long to load, others that managing payments creates problems for them. It is notable however that those with the most problems are also those who work in companies that have the highest number of employees.

What’s good about it?

On the other hand, users do appreciate the fresher look of Fiori. The true value of it in the eyes of specialists is that it makes SAP platforms more user-friendly. Nevertheless, the user-friendliness is tailored more to those who occasionally interact with SAP platforms and not seasoned users, but we do see a great deal of appreciation for that decision.

More often than not, we see that people truly like Fiori's design. Although it's also clear that the design is welcomed mostly by users who have fewer years of experience with SAP.

Most useful insights?

On the more constructive side of things, what can we take away from this discussion on Fiori?

Firstly, the sheer number of people engaged toward this topic tells us that its speed is not an issue that SAP is unaware of. This means that we will be seeing improvements in performance over the next few years, especially when it comes to essential functions like your inbox or managing payments.

SAP’s UI5 framework also feels like a step in the right direction for most users. However, developers commonly point out that SAP Fiori Elements, which is intended to speed up app-making for Fiori, is rather slow as well.

On another note, more experienced users point out that the portal is truly immensely helpful with finding your way through Fiori. Although the tutorials might feel a bit overfilled with information sometimes, they have tips that are useful both for SAP veterans and novices.

What can I expect in the future?

As a Global Recruitment Consultancy that specializes in SAP, we always strive to provide our professionals with as much insight as possible on the positions they’re on the lookout for. This is exactly the approach we want to take with our audiences as well.

In the future, we will continue to collect as many observations and stances about SAP systems as possible and share them. Until then, if you’re in need of SAP professionals or are looking for your next SAP project – feel free to reach out to us!

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