Recruitment Value Proposition: global recruitment designed for the needs of global organisations

Global Enterprise Partners (GEP) is one of the fastest growing SThree PLC brands. Although hard work, dedication and a strong team spirit do account for a large part of our success, none of this would have happened without our value proposition. 

Global recruitment: the trends

Nick Tsappis began working on what became Global Enterprise Partners back in 2013, and his first order of business was to be crystal clear about the value proposition. Extensive market research, in addition to speaking with various C-level employees at SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, showed that there were strong trends in the market when it came to globalisation, governance and compliance as well as digital transformation. GEP built a custom 18-step candidate accreditation process to be able to aid in working with these developments, thinking ahead to solve global recruitment problems for global organisations. 
Globalisation, governance, compliance and digital transformation may seem like broad trends, but to the large international enterprises they are ongoing aspects that have to be dealt with as their business evolves and grows. Helping organisations get the most out of these market trends is what GEP, backed up by the SThree’s global office network, is all about.

18-step candidate accreditation
The 18-step candidate accreditation process ensures that all candidates have been fully vetted, not only on skills but also regarding accordance of all relevant legislation. This means having the best candidate fit not only for the positon, but also for the organization and  the company culture. Plus the candidate is actually allowed to work the role and the in the country. Global companies need global and compliant suppliers that can deliver what they need at a moment’s notice. 

Global Enterprise Partners has had a very successful first 5-years and continues to grow exponentially. Currently, there are contact points in over 34 countries, with consultants on the ground in Russia, Brazil, Japan and Nigeria, amongst many other countries. Due to the thorough process, anything from niche skillset candidates to entire project teams, can be delivered efficiently, anywhere in the world.
In order to fuel the constant growth, Global Enterprise Partners is always looking to onboard global customers, talented consultants and skilled candidates. Please contact us if you’d like more information on any of the above. To read more about Nick Tsappis’s views on recruitment click here.


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