5 Tips to help find the best SAP talent

Whether you’re looking for SAP contractors or permanent employees, hiring the right SAP talent can be a challenge, and your internal processes can often make hiring difficult. With this in mind, we took a look at some of the biggest issues managers may face when hiring SAP talent, and decided to create five tips to combat this issue!

1. Plan ahead

When you’re looking for SAP professionals, it’s important to plan ahead; giving a recruitment company like Global Enterprise Partners as much advanced warning as possible allows us to make the most of our network. When it comes to finding the right SAP recruitment firm, picking a company with specialist expertise is key. At Global Enterprise Partners, we’re not just general IT recruiters, our consultants are all equipped with specialist market knowledge. By gaining a deep understanding of your business needs and functionality, we’re able to tap into our pool of skilled SAP candidates to find professionals who are the right fit for you.   

2. Act quickly

Within such a competitive market, hiring SAP professionals needs to be quick business, otherwise you run the risk of candidates accepting another offer. If you know your company has a long approval process, it’s definitely good idea to get budget and headcount approval before you go ahead with the recruitment process. If hiring has to go through procurement or talent acquisition teams, work alongside them to try and streamline the process as much as possible. 
If you’re working with a SAP staffing firm like Global Enterprise Partners, share this information with them when you first discuss the opening. This means we can manage candidate expectations and ensure we’re looking for SAP professionals at the precise point you’ll need them. Surprises throughout the hiring process are never welcome!

3. Be cautious of budget

As a hiring manager, you’ll need to work within a budget. While cost is something you obviously have to keep in mind, it’s worth considering that often the best SAP consultants come at a high price. This may seem costly, but you can think about it as an investment into your organisation’s future. If you’re met with budget constraints then you might be tempted to try and combine two roles into one. However, this isn’t always the best idea; it’s likely going to be a tough challenge to find two skilled people who can excel in distinct areas of SAP, meaning it’ll be difficult to get them to excel at the level you need. Combining two roles will make the process longer and less effective, so it’s probably best to prioritise your needs. 

4. Create an attractive package

If SAP professionals choose to go down the contract consultant route, rather than permanent employment, the amount of money they stand to make is much greater. Whether you’re recruiting for SAP talent globally or locally, it’s a challenge. So here’s the reality; the SAP market is a candidate-driven space. And if you want to attract the best people, you need to be have the right tools to win over your dream SAP candidate. That means offering the best projects, excellent growth opportunities, and a competitive benefits package.

5. Partner with Global Enterprise Partners!

At Global Enterprise Partners, our consultants are specialists in SAP; we don’t just have access to a varied pool of SAP talent, our team are all equipped with specialised knowledge to help you find the right candidate. You’ll not only get access to a consultant who will work to truly understand your business needs, they’ll also outline a full SAP recruitment strategy according to your specific requirements. To find out more about what partnering with Global Enterprise Partners really means for your business, get in touch with us

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