Is it Risky to Become a SAP EWM Freelancer?

Many of the best and most experienced SAP professionals start out consulting for some of the big names in IT implementations. SAP EWM freelancers are no different. Working for a systems integrator or consultancy can be a great way to kickstart your career in SAP and gain diverse experience with clients across industries. In SAP EWM this means that you gain exposure to different warehouse setups and experience a wide range of implementation challenges.

Like many permanent SAP consultants, there comes a time where many consider the transition into freelancing.  Due to the high demand for SAP EWM freelancers, this can be a good move for SAP EWM consultants with some consulting experience already under their belts. While becoming a SAP EWM freelancer can sometimes seem like a risky move (uncertain project pipeline, more complex taxes, lack of clear career structure) more and more consultants seem to be jumping right in. Why?

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Get stuck into one project

Permanent SAP EWM consultants at a consultancies are often moved from project to project, from client to client. The number of SAP EWM implementations systems integrators and consultancies are responsible for delivering is ever-growing. As a result, transitions for their consultants can be rushed with little time to digest learnings as they move on to the next project.

The move into SAP EWM freelancing allows some consultants to get more stuck into a single project. Instead of working exclusively on EWM hyper-care phases for various projects, SAP EWM freelancers are more likely to be contracted across the full project. Because the demand for this skill set is so high, companies that take on SAP EWM freelancers are likely to try to keep them on for long-term contracts. These SAP EWM freelance contracts span years rather than months.

Working on long-term projects as a SAP EWM freelancer will allow you to gain exposure to:

  • different phases of an implementation;
  • diverse stakeholder management;
  • and a comprehensive understanding of a business.


Boost your salary

It should come as no surprise that SAP EWM freelancers make more money than permanent SAP EWM consultants. The transition from permanent employment to freelancing always entails a significant hike in your monthly take home. SAP EWM freelancers offer a very specialized skill set that often cannot be found in companies’ own internal teams or Centers of Excellence.

SAP EWM freelancers make more money than permanent employees as they:

  • Are expected to bring specialized experience;
  • Are not eligible for company benefits;
  • And are often expected to stay for only the duration of the project.

Taking on a SAP EWM freelance contract can mean a real boost in your salary, which can be beneficial for both saving goals and lifestyle.

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Gain freedom

For some of the best SAP EWM freelancers, the transition from permanent roles often entails greater professional freedom. With such valuable skillsets, SAP EWM freelancers are often able to choose between clients and projects. This gives many freelancers the opportunity:

  • Travel to or live in new countries;
  • Work in a specific industry;
  • And work with brand name clients.

Additionally, many SAP EWM freelancers choose to take short breaks between projects to pursue professional development opportunities (courses or certifications) or personal hobbies.  This freedom allows for many freelance professionals, SAP EWM freelancers included, to become better-rounded individuals and professionals.


As SAP WM begins to be phased out by SAP’s transition to S/4 HANA, working as a SAP EWM  freelancer will be a very lucrative career for years to come. While the leap from permanent to freelance work can be worrying, there are many benefits to reap from becoming a fully-fledged SAP EWM freelancer in today’s market.

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