How to Hire (and Keep) the Best SAP Hybris Freelancers

What do SAP Hybris freelancers want? This is the burning question on many current and future Hybris implementers’ minds. We all know how hard it is not only to identify the right SAP Hybris talent, but also to secure and retain SAP Hybris Freelancers on your team.

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With so many ongoing Hybris projects to choose from, how can you make sure that SAP Hybris professionals choose your project? And how do you make sure they stay for the duration of their contract? Ultimately, the answer will follow from understanding what SAP Hybris freelancers actually want when it comes to selecting their next project.

Our dedicated SAP Hybris team spoke to their SAP Hybris network and found the following elements are crucial to attracting and keeping the best talent on your team.


Hire SAP Hybris freelancers based on project scope

Before you ask what potential hires are looking for, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Depending on what kind of SAP Hybris program you’re planning to run, your hires skills, experiences, and career development goals will need to align.

Matching SAP Hybris specialist’ skills and experience with your project is fairly straightforward. What hiring managers can miss, however,  are the career aspirations of potential consultants. Often SAP Hybris freelancers with varying degrees of experience will see differing development opportunities in different kinds of SAP Hybris project. More junior SAP Hybris freelancers may look to work on enhancement projects to gain generalized experience; whereas experienced freelancers may be looking to get experience working on one full lifecycle greenfield implementation or to work on specific upgrades.

From the outset, it's important to make sure your hires’ career development goals match the scope of the project you’re undertaking.

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Set a challenge for SAP Hybris freelancers

It’s not surprising that SAP Hybris consultants who feel that the work is repetitive or below their skill level may search (or be approached successfully) for more challenging work outside your project or company. This is especially true for more experienced SAP Hybris freelancers. Some of the best freelancers will be looking for opportunities that present a challenge and keep them engaged while on a project.

Once you find the right hire for your project, make sure that you keep them on for multiple phases of your implementation or program where they may face challenging or new work. For implementation partners, this can mean keeping them on for multiple clients, ensuring that each move is at a challenging level for the skill level of the freelancer.


Be mindful of current market rates for SAP Hybris freelancers

A common mistake that is often made by hiring managers is lack of awareness of the limitations of their budget. Below market value rates can skill attract applications and may even result in a few skilled hires. However, the SAP Hybris market is highly competitive and low rates leave your project open to other companies poaching your SAP Hybris freelancers with higher rates.

Your rate should reflect the skill level of the SAP Hybris freelancer you intend to attract or hire- that’s about 120 euros per hour for a junior to medior freelancer in Europe.

If you want to not only attract but keep, good SAP Hybris freelancers knowing the going market rates in your projects’ country is crucial. This is an area where a specialist recruiter can add a lot of value and market insight.


Explore negotiation points

Sometimes offering more money isn’t in the cards to get the right SAP Hybris freelancer on board for your project. However, for some consultants, money won’t be the only important factor in considering and ultimately accepting a contract. It’s crucial for some projects to consider alternative negotiation options when trying to attract skilled freelancers.

Project duration and remote work options are some of the most attractive negotiation points and may compensate for lower rates.

Finding the right SAP Hybris freelancer for your project can be challenging, keeping them on a project may be even harder. Ultimately, making the right match must go beyond simply matching skills and experience to a role title. Understanding the career needs and personal motivations of each individual hire will help you secure the SAP Hybris talent you may need to help kickstart your project.


Sometimes it helps to have a recruitment partner assist in finding the right talent while you focus on your project. Get in touch with our dedicated SAP Hybris team today to see how they can help you in your search.


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