How to Become a SAP Freelancer in the USA

Every SAP freelancer gets their start somewhere. Many SAP freelancers in the USA get their start from consulting firms where they get a taste for the project lifecycle churn. They work long hours and jet from city to city—sometimes even across country— assisting clients with their SAP implementations. 

Once SAP consultants have worked long enough to become a kind of specialist in one area of SAP some choose to leave the comfort of permanent employment. The transition from permanent employment to freelance work is liberating, however, it can also be full of uncertainty. It’s always good to have a checklist close at hand before fully embarking on your mission to become a full-fledged SAP freelancer in the USA.

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Identify your SAP niche

When you become a SAP freelancer in the USA its crucial that you are able to identify your own specialism. Specialisms not only indicate you have more senior-level experience but will be points to market yourself into projects.

Starting out you may have worked on multiple areas, but as you become more experienced you’ll find your niche within a certain industry, module or kind of project. When it comes to hiring freelancers, project teams often look for someone who works within a niche and who can uniquely add value to their project. Identifying your niche will assist you in securing projects.

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Network, network, network

Project cycles can be intense and fast-paced. Before you know it you’ll be done with one project and on to the next. How do you make sure you land into the right project after you’re done? Your network will be one of your strongest tools to line up new projects.

Keeping in touch with managers and fellow consultants can help ease transitions between projects. Make sure to keep in touch with your colleagues.

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Use a SAP recruiter

Using a recruiter is up to you. If your network is strong you may not always need to use one. Every SAP freelancer experiences a time however, when it seems that the timing between projects is not ideal, or the right project is hard to find. These are moments where actively working with a specialist SAP recruiter can be helpful.

Additionally if you are new to freelancing, SAP recruiters will be able to appropriately advise you on the transition and what kind of support is available to you.

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Register your business or use a pay-roller

A prerequisite for all the legal elements of becoming a SAP freelancer is that you already have the legal right to work in the USA (independent of any employer sponsorship).

When you become a SAP freelancer in the USA, you become a one person business. You will be responsible for managing your own business finances and paying the appropriate taxes. The first step to create and register your new business as a LLC or Corp. If you work from remotely from home, you may need to obtain a Home Occupancy Permit and a General Business License. You will also need a separate business bank account where your clients will pay into for services rendered.

You will likely find that some clients may be unwilling to employ you directly through your own LLC or Corp. This is common with large multinationals who are unwilling to accept the compliance risk. In this situation, they will recommend using a pay-roll service that employs you on a temporary basis and issues your payments.

Pay-rollers charge a small fee, usually based on your hourly rate, for this service. Make sure to investigate your options fully. If you are working with a specialist SAP recruiter, they can help you with this process.

For more information on legal compliance read here.


Review contracts carefully

With every client you’ll have to sign a new contract with a Statement of Work (SOW), and sometimes a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). These are all standard documents but should be read through carefully as they will impact your contracted work.


Keep an eye on trainings & certifications

By becoming a SAP freelancer in the USA, you will be in charge of your own professional development. Instead of your employer sponsoring trainings or conferences, you will be responsible for carrying the costs of any additional training. Certifications will help you stay relevant in a competitive market. Many SAP freelancers opt to take on trainings during their project breaks and may select projects strategically to gain experience in specific SAP modules or programmes.


Contracting can be highly rewarding. If you’re considering becoming a SAP freelancer in the USA, feel free to register your profile with us by clicking below. We can keep you updated on SAP projects in your city or state.


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