Benefits of Being a SAP Freelancer in the US

Becoming a SAP freelancer is a big step in anyone's career and can be fraught with doubt. Once you make the plunge you may be left wondering if this was really the right move. There are a number of professional and personal benefits that come with freelancing. SAP freelancers in the US gain a number of direct and indirect benefits that can make the initial risk of diving into freelancing well worth it.

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SAP ecosystem

Despite being the original battleground of the SAP-Oracle wars, the United States has a flourishing SAP ecosystem. The United States offers a wealth of opportunities for junior and experienced SAP freelancers in the US and the SAP offering remains unparalleled by other countries.


Client Diversity

The companies that are currently using or planning to implement SAP play an integral role in the growing SAP ecosystem in the United States. With so many American and multinational running SAP systems, SAP freelancers in the US have many options when it comes to selecting their next client or project. Unlike other countries, which tend to be dominated by one or two industries, the United States plays host to global companies in retail, energy, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, FMCG, chemicals etc.

SAP freelancers who are specialists in one industry will have a wealth of client opportunities. Additionally, the client spread across industries allow for an interesting selection of projects that are suitable for SAP freelancers across competencies.

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Skill development

As a result of client diversity and a booming SAP market, SAP freelancers in the US have many opportunities to develop their careers and up-skill. Within the United States, there is a large volume of SAP EWM, Hybris, and S/4 HANA implementations currently ongoing. This means that SAP freelancers interested in working in some of the most in-demand technologies will be able to gain valuable project experience in these areas.


Strong SAP freelancer community

Last year, 36% of the American workforce freelanced. This trend certainly extends to the SAP community, where freelancing is particularly lucrative and attractive to experienced consultants. With a strong community of SAP freelancers in the US, the process of hiring a freelancer becomes a much more commonplace for companies based in the United States. Additionally, this community can be tapped into by any SAP freelancer in the US and be a valuable resource for information and career development.


Tax breaks for SAP freelancers in the US

As a SAP freelancer in the US, you should always be prepared for filing your taxes. Preparedness will allow you to get a sizeable tax return when it comes to tax season. SAP freelancers in the US who have a registered limited company (LLC) will be eligible for tax deductions in the following areas:

• Remote work costs;

• Office supplies;

• Travel expenses;

• Advertisement;

• Related insurance premiums.

SAP freelancers registered with LLCs often pay lower self-employment taxes and are allowed to contribute up to $53,000 per annum to private pension funds. These tax breaks, if utilized fully, allow some SAP freelancers in the US to accumulate healthy savings over the course of a career. If you use a tax preparation service, you may also be eligible for deductions on this service. Consult a specialist to ensure you get the most out of your return as a SAP freelancer in the US.

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Opportunities for SAP freelancers in the US are booming and with sizeable tax breaks for freelancers, these opportunities are also extremely financially rewarding. If you're looking for your next SAP project in the United States, check out any of our live vacancies or actively register your profile to be updated with opportunities by clicking below!

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