5 Steps to Become a SAP EWM Freelancer

The demand for SAP EWM freelancers globally is booming. With projects already underway and a shortage of talent to support these implementations and upgrades, SAP EWM freelancers seem to have a never-ending stream of project offers.

The demand for SAP EWM skills has junior and senior consultants alike considering up-skilling in this area. If you’re already working in SAP WM, TM, LE, Logistics or SCM, the transition to working as a SAP EWM freelancer can be a lucrative career move. So what do you need to do in order to become a fully fledged SAP EWM freelancer?


1) Get Trained Up

It may seem obvious but getting trained up is truly the first step in landing your first SAP EWM project. For SAP consultants currently working with a consultancy or in a permanent contract, your employer may offer training— either by sponsoring you to attend a training course or by holding one internally. This is more likely to happen if a company is undergoing an upgrade to EWM.

If you are planning on pursuing training on your own, SAP is naturally the most reputable training provider. There are local training companies but these should be thoroughly investigated prior to enrolment.


2) Read Up

SAP Press produces a number of reliable resources to compliment classroom-style learning. Here are some foundational texts that will help kick-start your journey:

  • SAP EWM Architecture and Programming
  • Introducing Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA
  • Warehouse Management with SAP EWM
  • Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA

In addition to reading up, anyone serious about getting a solid start as a SAP EWM freelancer should consult the free OpenSAP courses as well as youtube videos and demos from experts in the field. Again, these resources should be considered as a supplement to certified training rather than a cheap replacement.


3) Practice, Practice, Practice

Many SAP EWM freelancers suggest that those new to EWM gain access to an IDES server for practice. Access to an IDES server will allow you to practice creating your own warehouse from scratch and allow you to work in a risk-free environment. This practice will help you ease into your first project and hit the ground running.


4) Connect with and follow experts

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for connecting and engaging with likeminded professionals in your field. This is no different in the SAP EWM freelance space. Use this platform to connect with seasoned professionals, exchange experiences and resources.

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Alternatively, you can also identify SAP EWM experts from SAP blogs— the more they write, the more they will have to share.


5) Get a comprehensive understanding of Warehouse Management

Chances are if you’re coming from a SAP WM, LE, TM, Logistics or SCM background you may already have a strong background in Warehouse processes and standards. It’s important for any successful SAP EWM freelancer to have a strong foundation in warehouse management outside of SAP. This knowledge will allow you to go above and beyond when it comes to adding value to a project.


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