Why Your Next SAP Project Should Be in Hi-Tech & Engineering

As a consultant it can be easy to jump from one SAP project to the next without spending much time thinking about specific client or industries. After all, SAP is by and large the same wherever you may be working- across locations, companies and industries.

However, more often than not SAP consultants actively choose to pursue careers in specific industries, finding that becoming an SAP industry specialist pays off in the long-term. So what makes SAP projects in the Hi-Tech and Engineering space interesting for SAP consultants globally?

1. Stable industry for SAP Projects

Despite boom-bust cycles when it comes to products, Hi-Tech & Engineering firms tend to be a more stable option when it comes to IT projects and departments. Innovation and technology are often at the heart of their business, which means that budgets for IT initiatives are often the first to be bolstered and the last to be cut.

In the world of SAP projects, stability is important. Consultants already embrace the perpetual hunt for a new project once one is over, however, it can come as a shock when 2 year project commitment is cut to 6 months due to budget constraints. Projects in Hi-Tech and Engineering generally tend run their cycle with few delays or cancellations, which saves consultants from having to prematurely reinitiate their project hunt.

2. Competitive edge to SAP Projects

Aside from a few well-known names in the industry, Hi-Tech and Engineering companies don’t have the same level of brand name recognition as Retail companies. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are not as competitive. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

One of the benefits of working on SAP projects in the Hi-Tech and Engineering space is that often these initiatives are on the cutting edge of a new technology. Each company looks to have state of the art operations and streamlined production processes to get ahead of the competition— and they often look to IT and SAP innovation to accomplish this. Due to the relative financial stability of many of these companies, they can afford to invest in large-scale implementations that are cutting edge when it comes to innovation in SAP.

It’s no wonder that we see many manufacturing companies at the forefront of SAP Hybris implementations, working on state of the art e-commerce solutions. Working on market-leading solutions gives consultants a leg up when it comes to bringing experience to their next interview and securing their next project.

3. Breadth of experience required for SAP Projects

In many industries there tends to be a preference for some SAP skill sets and modules over others. The Process industry tends to favour niche logistics profiles, as logistics is a core competitive edge for many chemicals, pharmaceuticals, CPG and FMCG companies. However, in the Hi-Tech and Engineering industry there is a greater variety of SAP functions that are regularly required for projects.

The popularity of SAP Hybris implementations in Hi-Tech and Engineering means that there are even omni-channel requirements, which has traditionally been limited to the retail industry. Additionally, some of these companies, particularly within the Energy sector, run SAP retail solutions.

The healthy balance of SAP requirements within the Hi-Tech and Engineering space enables opportunity for SAP consultants at various stages of their career, whether they are just starting out or are full fledged subject-matter experts.

There are a number of reasons why SAP consultants choose to specialise on industry. More and more we see freelancers actively choosing SAP projects in the Hi-Tech and Engineering industry due to long-term projects, the competitive edge to SAP initiatives and breadth of SAP roles required.

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