4 Signs Your SAP Hybris Project May Fail

Alongside S/4 HANA, SAP Hybris projects are currently some of the most popular IT initiatives in the market. Taking on an implementation or upgrade is always fraught with risk. With some many warnings of mismanaged or severely delayed projects within the SAP Hybris space, how can you make sure yours is not doomed to fail?

Here are four fatal flaws to look out for in your next SAP Hybris venture.

Lack of skills and knowledge in SAP Hybris.

Hybris is not only a relatively new technology, but one that is in high demand. This means that many businesses and implementation teams may not be able to identify the right Hybris talent, given a lack of exposure to Hybris. Even If they do know what kind of consultants or freelancers they’re looking for, they may not be able to secure the available individuals with so many competing offers.

Too often teams fail to hire or consult individuals with the technical and functional Hybris know-how. There is a common misconception floating around in the extended IT community that Java expertise is a suitable replacement for direct Hybris experience.

Senior technical resources on the project must have Hybris expertise, yet often they do not. Many projects place IT generalists with little to no Hybris experience as the coordination lead. This lack of experience at crucial project junctures seeps throughout the project, generating misunderstandings, poor conceptualisations and delays.

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Misinterpreting business requirements.

Reconciling business and technical requirements is at the core of every project yet tends to be a common challenge. This challenge becomes even more prevalent with Hybris projects where the Hybris expertise is low and there is a lack of clarity on the business-side.

Businesses are eager to make the most of their Hybris initiatives. But if there is a lack of understanding on the business-side on what is possible combined with little Hybris expertise on the technical side, the project will be riddled with problems.

All project teams are keen to deliver but in the case of Hybris projects overpromising while lacking clarity on deliverables can be dangerous.

Underestimating SAP Hybris integration elements.

Again, another common project hurdle that stems from an absence of substantial Hybris experience in the implementation team involves the integration phase. The timeframe of integration activities and scope is often overlooked by inexperienced teams. Teams tend to underestimate the length of time required to make robust integrations either because they have never done it before or they do not understand how the systems speak to one another.  This can also happen when migrating one Hybris version to another.

Performance testing either not done, completely rushed, or inadequate.

It’s easy to jump the gun when a successful implementation is so close at hand, especially when a project has already been so far delayed.  However, performance testing is crucial to the long-term success and viability of a Hybris project. Performance testing feels easy to rush or even skip if you’re confident in your team’s work but this presents a sizeable risk to long-term success and scalability.

Problems at one stage of a project easily trickle down into subsequent phases, which is why it’s important to have the right team from the start. Not all SAP Hybris initiatives are doomed to fail, but as it becomes increasingly difficult to onboard the right talent success, becomes harder to secure.

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