3 Reasons Why Consultants Are Rushing to SAP Projects in Minneapolis

New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco and Houston are some of the usual suspects when we think about exciting American cities to work in. However, increasingly Minneapolis is rising in the ranks as a hotspot for consultants when it comes to sourcing their next SAP project. Known for it’s picturesque parks, lakes and successful corporate residents, the Minneapolis has become an obvious choice for SAP consultants for three reasons.

1. Market-leading consultancies and companies based in the Twin Cities

A little known fact, but Minneapolis and St Paul (combined known as the Twin Cities) play host to the second highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. This means  that well-known companies like UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, Boston Scientific Corporation, Ecolab, 3M, Cargill, Target, Best Buy, US Bank Corp., Land O’ Lakes, and General Mills have happily headquartered in the cities.

Many SAP consultants relocate (at least temporarily) for project-based opportunities. With such a large concentration of market-leading organizations in these cities, there is a wealth of opportunity when it comes to work in the SAP space. The national, if not global, profile of these companies  is reflected in the size of their IT departments and scope of prospective SAP projects based out of Minneapolis.

2. Cost effective city

SAP consultants are unlikely to move across state or country for just any project.  The Twin Cities attract skilled SAP consultants with not only a wealth of projects but quality projects when it comes to rates. The average hourly rate earned by an SAP consultant in Minneapolis ranges between $120-$180 per hour. Of course, the more niche your specialism, the higher the rate you can secure.

Attractive rates become even more enticing when you consider the cost of living in Minneapolis in 24% lower than the cost of living in New York City. Additionally, apartment/home rentals are substantially cheaper than tech hubs like San Francisco or Washington, D.C. with 31% of rentals ranging from $701-$1,000 per month. As a relatively affordable modern city, it’s easy to see how SAP projects in Minneapolis are becoming a first choice for many consultants.

3. Growing IT hub

Last year, Minneapolis ranked 12th best overall for tech talent in the United States. While the focus is very much on rising millennial talent, the ranking is a good indication of the IT-friendly environment that Minneapolis is fostering. There are a growing number of ASUG events as well as home-grown SAP meet-ups being hosted within the city limits, available to freelancers looking to up-skill and network between projects.

Minneapolis is not the first city that comes to mind when one considers opportunities in the USA, however, more and more SAP consultants are starting to recognise the name and set up shop in the Twin Cities. With market leading organizations, cost effective living and a growing IT community its easy to see why consultants are looking for their next SAP project in Minneapolis.

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Photo by Paul Van Der Werf.

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