Top Trending Salesforce Resources

As a leader in the cloud technology space, Salesforce is undoubtedly always on the minds of IT leadership, whether they are independent consultants, in-house IT managers or C-suite leaders. In addition to it’s keystone Dreamforce conference— which hosted celebrities like Michelle Obama and last year— Salesforce is hosting a World Tour, stopping in multiple global tech hubs. Ahead of the World Tour, it’s a good time to get up to speed with the top trending Salesforce resources and insights from the extended Salesforce community.

Whether you are a cloud professional or simply interested innovation in this space, it can be easy to miss on what has been happening within Salesforce broadly. Here’s a quick overview of the top trending Salesforce articles and resources that have been written, shared and liked over the past year:

1. Article: Salesforce introduces employee tracking app for Trailhead by Stephanie Condon from ZDNet

Salesforce continues to demonstrate a commitment to improving customer experience and learning within their customers. With the rollout of employee tracking in Trailhead, Salesforce seeks to encourage managers to enable their employees’ learning within the software suite.

2. Blog: 5 important lessons I learned doing the main keynote at Dreamforce ‘17… by Leah McGowen-Hare, Director of Trailhead

Following up from Dreamforce 2017, Leah McGowen-Hare, Director of Salesforce Trailhead shares her top lessons from the conference. She also doesn’t shy away from throwing in a gif or two.

3. Video: Salesforce for Developers Keynote featuring Srini Tallapragada, President of Technology at Salesforce.

The Salesforce team share how developers can work to improve digital experiences and build apps faster, smarter and geared for the future. Join the app revolution the Salesforce way.

4. Article: 15 Big Salesforce Announcements from Dreamforce by Rob Marvin from PC Mag

Missed last year’s Dreamforce? Not a problem, get your highlights here and get the updates on Quip, Einstein and Trailhead.

5. Article: Salesforce earnings: Looking to e-commerce, AI for growth as Dreamforce approaches by Jeremy Owens from Market Watch

Wondering what all of Salesforce’s recent acquisitions mean? This will be your top Salesforce resource if you’re interested in a general overview of the business and where you can expect its technology investments to be going in 2018.

6. Article: Google and Salesforce sign massive strategic partnership by Blair Hanley Frank from Venture Beat

One of the biggest announcements of the year, the Google Salesforce partnership was hard to miss and certainly a major event in the #cloudwars. Find out here what it means for customers and Salesforce’s global expansion.

7. Article: Salesforce's partnership with Amazon is helping solve one of its biggest problems by Eugene Kim from CNBC

Another major partnership announcement in #cloudwars, Salesforce partnered with Amazon to increase overseas sales. Read here on the AWS implications of the partnership.

8. Article: Thanks to a new Salesforce app, customer service agents will be able to answer complaints from bed by Becky Peterson from Business Insider

Don’t miss another Salesforce update- Find out more about several updates enabling improved and more accessible customer service across current Salesforce users- from small businesses to multinationals.

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