Top 3 Qualities of Successful SAP Hybris Consultants

Over the past couple years, SAP Hybris has become a common thread in many global IT initiatives as companies seek to improve their customer connections, whether they are B2C or B2B. It first began with retailers as Hybris initially went to market primarily as an e-commerce solution. Companies in other industries soon saw the e-commerce successes and sought to bring their businesses similar wins through Hybris. Today the Hybris market is booming with projects being initiated by companies across the globe and across industries.

Even with the growing demand for Hybris consultants, clients still hold out for the right fit when it comes to selecting a Hybris freelancer to drive their project. So what are the core skills and qualities necessary to get ahead in the fast-paced Hybris projects environment?

Working almost exclusively in the Hybris market, the Global Enterprise Partners team asked our network this very question and found that exceptional Hybris consultants should have the following:

1) A well-rounded technical background

There seems to be a common misunderstanding that Hybris consultants should have a strong background in e-commerce and this is what will make them successful. A background in e-commerce is indeed valuable, however, the technical background is far more important.

Hybris is based on Spring, which means that any Hybris consultant should have extensive development experience in Java and J2EE. Strong consultants will have experience with Spring, Java and J2EE and will have worked in these areas for five or more years before moving into Hybris. This background in development provides a solid foundation for technical insights to drive results for their prospective clients’ businesses.

While the length of time developing in Java and J2EE is not in and of itself an indication of the skill of a Hybris consultant, it is a commonality among the best consultants who go on to positions with more leadership capacity.

2) A baseline understanding of omni-channel concepts

As Hybris extends across industries and diversifies its offering it’s easy to forget that at it’s core it is an omni-channel solution. Product Content Management and Order Management Systems are often the baseline for many Hybris implementations, so as a result, many successful consultants come to a project well-versed in these concepts and potential solutions. 

Skilled consultants will have a holistic understanding of underlying omni-channel principles, that is then backed up with a sturdy foundation in technical development.

3) A breadth of omni-channel experience

A solid understanding of omni-channel principles should be matched with a breadth of experience in this area as well. The best Hybris consultants will have a worked for at least several companies operating on an omni-channel model— these will most likely be retailers, however, it is becoming increasingly desirable to have experience with newer industries such as travel or insurance as Hybris extends their client portfolio. 

The most qualified Hybris consultants will have worked in several industries on omni-channel initiatives, lending them a well-rounded perspective on solutions and options for prospective clients.

Client demand in Hybris competencies is on the rise with new projects being initiated by companies across industries. The substantial investment in implementations and improvements has prompted clients to critically assess the caliber of Hybris candidates in order to ensure the results drive a competitive edge. I found through my network that there are 3 core qualities that all top-preforming Hybris candidates have: strong technical background, baseline understanding of omni-channel principles and a breadth of omni-channel experience. If you’re a Hybris consultant, looking to work into a leadership position in your next project, these qualities are each a strong tool to add to your professional skillset.

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