3 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Next SAP Job

At this point, most professionals are on LinkedIn— whether you're junior or senior, permanent employee or freelancer. However there’s a difference between being on LinkedIn and being active LinkedIn. In the IT freelancer community, LinkedIn activity spans across the board with some very active members and some stagnant profiles.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for any job seeker, but even more so if you are a freelancer looking for your next SAP Job. When you are dedicated to updating, contributing and networking, the results can really pay off in ensuring you have a number of opportunities and options when you’re searching for your next assignment.


1) Ease of networking

LinkedIn is a professional and social network, it goes without saying that it’s pretty much a one-stop-shop when it comes to managing your professional contacts in a formal yet personal way. Because of the intensity of project cycles and—sometimes—the quick transition from one project to the next, it can be difficult to keep track of contact details, let alone connect and keep up with the people you worked with. LinkedIn provides a quality platform in which connecting is easy and keeping tabs on your former colleagues is simple with updated profiles and a curated feed.

For SAP consultants in particular, this is handy when you’re searching for your next SAP Job. LinkedIn can facilitate conversations between old colleagues. These contacts may connect you with a hot project in your field or may be able to refer you to a vacancy / opportunity in their network.


2) Personal brand 

Personal branding is on the rise, and not just in marketing or sales roles. IT professionals in various fields are beginning to establish quality online brands by fully optimizing their profile, leveraging their LinkedIn network and creating fresh content. SAP consultants are posting videos online with their top tricks for solving bugs in specific module scenarios. Solution Architects are writing long form LinkedIn articles on the completion of their latest assignment and their top learns.

Establishing an online brand through LinkedIn takes time, dedication and creativity— finding a niche where you can add value to your network is a challenge, so how can you know it will pay off?

Being known in the market can provide a real competitive advantage when it comes to marketing yourself actively to prospective clients and gives you a platform to share your expertise. By writing articles, both long and short, or creating a video (when well done), your experience and passion in your field will get greater visibility than a CV. Building your brand will increase the likelihood that projects find you rather than having to hunt them down yourself. 


3) Comprehensive CV

Building a personal brand is by no means a replacement for a CV but rather should compliment a well-constructed profile. Tired of continuously rewriting your CV after every project or fiddling around with the format? While you do have to update your LinkedIn, formatting is not an issue and it provides something of a ‘living CV’ that is accessible to a wider audience. With a continuously updated CV, prospective clients, colleagues (old and new) and recruiters with networks in high-profile companies will be able to connect you with potential projects suited to your experience.

Additionally, more and more organizations are accepting easy LinkedIn applications, which is only possible if you’re sure your profile is current. Finding your next project may soon be as simple as a single click.


Of course, the power of LinkedIn for SAP freelancers goes beyond your network, brand or profile—it assists in building a healthy pipeline of projects with opportunities and options. Investing in your LinkedIn profile will ultimately pay off in a seamless transition from one project to the next and help you find your next SAP job.

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