3 Top Tips to Achieve A Recruitment Win-Win

Khushnuma Rana is an experienced recruiter. With over 9 years of experience connecting freelancers with global projects in the IT space, Khushnuma has seen quite a lot on the client, professional and recruiter sides. She first got her start in staffing IT infrastructure projects but now works as an Account Manager for major projects and works with counterpart in the enterprise technology space.

Khushnuma believes strongly that a recruiter's relationship with both clients and professionals should be seen as a collaboration and a partnership, rather than a transactional exchange or a one-time resource. A professional looking for work is also a client.

With quite some expertise to offer on the recruitment process, staffing successes and valued placements, Khushnuma shares her top 3 suggestions for professionals looking to find their next assignment in IT through a recruiter and ensuring the outcome can be a win-win.

1. Tailor your CV.

Many consultants that work with us have many years of experience and are highly skilled and qualified professionals (many with over 15 years of experience), which in the freelance space can translate into pages and pages of projects at various companies across the globe. While it is tempting to outline every project with specific activities and accomplishments, this can be overwhelming for hiring managers to sift through to identify the relevant experience.

Khushnuma has seen the most success where professionals have focused their CV on the relevant experience to the role. This can be challenging at times for consultants that have worn 'different hats' throughout their career, working one project as an SAP module team lead and another as a functional consultant for the a related, but different, module.

Your CV is the strongest tool you can use to matching yourself to the role, the manager and the company at hand- outside of having a recruiter fighting your corner. Cutting your CV down to the relevant experience (recommended 4-5 pages), will help you focus on a set number of skills relevant to the role and find your niche within your area of expertise.

2. Commit to the relationship.

The enterprise technology freelance market is highly competitive and every consultant wants to make sure they land the hottest project on the market. However, working with a recruiter- whether you approach them or they approach you- is a commitment that requires transparency on both ends.

Visible or not, recruiters have done a lot of work around securing a relationship with a hiring manager and the opportunity to source freelancers from their network for a particular project or role. Once all parameters and next steps are agreed, good recruiters are committed to assisting you through the job process with their client.

Recruitment is very much a peoples' business which is based on relationship management. In order to get the most out of your recruiter and ensure you have the best chance of securing a role through them, approaching the relationship with transparency and commitment is crucial.

3. Manage expectations & test commitment.

Most good recruiters will be able to inform the consultants they work with about all elements of the project, or at least on the information they have available to them. When you get a negative response, or there is unexpected delays in the job process, recruiters should be able to provide a bonafide reason or be able to help you understand the situation. Commitment from the client and recruiter are crucial to securing a role.

Khushnuma recommends couple of questions you can ask to gauge commitment levels and manage your expectations for the role accordingly:

  1. What is the expected timeframe for the job process? Can you keep me updated if this changes?
  2. When can the client review CVs?
  3. What is your relationship with the client? How many placements have you made to date with them?
  4. When can successful candidate interview?
  5. When is the expected start date?

Strong answers to these questions can indicate exclusivity with this client and high commitment. For these roles, there is reason to keep expectations high if your profile is a good match. Weak answers may indicate a developing client relationship or low commitment which can better inform your decision to keep other job processes on the burner.

Khushnuma is a consultative recruiter and seeks to work in partnership with professionals and clients, promoting fair and equitable relationships. In every situation, Khushnuma seeks to achieve a win-win for everyone she works with and while her top tips are by no means rules, they have seen real successes among the professionals she currently works with.

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