How to Hire SAP Contractors in the Process Industry

Even with a growing network of talented SAP consultants globally, it can be hard to find the right consultant when the demand is high. I asked our Industry Division Heads here at Global Enterprise Partners, how they manage these situations in order to ensure successful outcomes for candidates and clients alike. In the last interview of three, I spoke to Karlien de Wet, Head of our Process Division, about her market and best strategy for securing the right consultant for the right project.


Karlien de Wet, Head of the Process Division

Karlien has been working for Global Enterprise Partners since 2015 and now heads up her own team focusing on FMCG, Chemicals, and Pharmaceutical industries. Karlien works with large multinationals working on global SAP roll-outs.


The demand: Due to the demands of the Process industry, many of Karlien’s clients are currently undergoing SAP EWM implementations globally. She is often looking for SAP EWM consultants in addition to niche SAP roles in Asia with local language requirements.


The supply: SAP EWM is a niche module, which means the candidate pool is small to begin with. When you add requirements to be locally based in Asia with relevant language skills, finding these consultants becomes increasingly tough.


Karlien’s strategy: “Align with the business and anticipate staffing needs at different stages.”

For Karlien, making sure she understands the programme plan for each business is vital, “Establishing a strong relationship with PMOs and stream leads is crucial. I schedule regular meetings and updates in order to stay informed on the progress of the program. The staffing needs are different at every stage, kick off and hyper care often require different skillsets. Different streams will also have diverse requirements.”

Insight into the timelines, allows for greater visibility on future requirements so that Karlien and her team can be working in advance to secure the expertise of hard-to-find consultants. It’s all about “planning with clients and monitoring key skills”.

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