Delivering SAP Direct Store Delivery

Food and Beverage companies operate within an ultra-competitive space. These companies face a number of challenges but two among them become particularly salient within IT systems.

First, these companies must ensure that their supply chain is not only efficient but also safe, as they produce food for consumption. Second, like the retail industry, they must cater to growing consumer demand and be able to deliver goods instantly to the place of purchase.

For SAP customers, SAP Direct Store Delivery (DSD), is a solution to these industry challenges. Situated within SAP SD, DSD is a niche sub-module that caters to this particular challenge in the food and beverage industry.

With growing requests coming in from clients for SAP SD-DSD specialists to join their projects, Global Enterprise Partners has conducted a preliminary assessment of the contractor market in this area in order to inform our clients and consultants in this area.

The breakdown of location of consultants is a very important element to consider when sourcing consultants for a project. Many consultants within SAP competencies are open to travel, however, distance can be restricting as well as the price of travel. In the case of DSD consultants, we can see that the United Kingdom and the USA have the highest concentrations of these experts.

High concentration of DSD consultants in the UK as well as in the Netherlands and Germany suggests that projects within the EU will be relatively easy to source. Despite having a high concentration in the USA, because of the size of the country and diversity of competing food and beverage companies headquartered within the USA, competition for these consultants will likely be high.

Within the dominating 'other' category, 64% reside within EU countries and 36% in non-EU countries.

When companies consider taking on consultants for an SAP project it is important that these experts are able to communicate with business-fluency in the project language. Within our DSD network, the primary language is English. Surprisingly, there is a high proportion of business-level German language skills, which can be harder to find in other SAP competencies.

Finally, when assessing our network in the DSD area we can see that many of the consultants in our network have worked within DSD for major food and beverage companies like Coca Cola, PepsiCo or ABInBev. While some may have initially worked on a permanent basis, because of the demand in DSD and niche nature of the skills set, many have moved on to contracting where they can deliver results to various clients within this area.

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