Is Earning €150,000 Per Year as a SAP Freelancer Worth It?

At some point in a career, most professionals working in the SAP space have considered a move to contracting. Becoming a SAP freelancer has a nice allure to it: the opportunity to ‘be your own boss’, take on exciting and intense projects, regularly change your work space, and meet new professionals in your field. And of course, let’s not forget about the financial reward: on average, SAP freelancers earn about 150,000 euros a year.

However, more often than not, even the most experienced professionals hesitate before ‘taking the plunge’. Is this hesitation simply natural anticipation of a major life change or are there real concerns to weigh before becoming a SAP freelancer?



It is pretty clear from the outset that a permanent role offers more traditional job security than a SAP freelance role, simply by virtue of contract length. However, this depends on the contract at hand. SAP freelancers are often taken on for anywhere from one month to three years. Of course, security varies widely in this range. Additionally, what this does not take into consideration is that SAP freelancers are often extended in three to six month increments- and often, multiple times.


Ease of identifying opportunities

Roles in the contracting space are generally quite specific. Typically, when clients look to on board contractors, it is for a specific project or task. Because of this driver, SAP freelancers need to market themselves appropriately to secure niche roles in their areas of expertise. Sometimes it can seem difficult if you don’t already have a specialisation to determine, where you can fit into a project.

Additionally, all contracts end at some point. This creates uncertainty when contractors re-enter the job market and prompts the question: Are your niche skills still in demand?



Flexibility can be both a burden and a blessing in contracting. While the jet-setting lifestyle of most SAP freelancers can seem glamorous at first, many first-timers are daunted. They might find multiple client-sites, constant travel, and intense project work hours followed by periods no work daunting. The flexibility can be difficult to manage and even more difficult when it comes to arranging your taxes across multiple countries.


Trusted partner

SAP freelancing is not for everyone, but it is also not a decision that has to be taken alone. Partnering with a trusted recruiter who specialises in your skillset and field can be highly advantageous.


A good recruiter will:

  1. Support the contract process: lobbying for better terms, more security and push for extensions when the time comes.
  2. Assess the market for your skills: actively canvass their clients for opportunities for you before you finish your contract and connect you with their extensive network.
  3. Advise and assist with any logistics: a recruiter is more than someone who can help you find a position, but should also be able to support you in tax, travel and housing areas, especially where relocation or frequent travel is involved.


Professionals do not often just walk in to SAP freelancing from permanent positions. It is often a well-thought out decision. There is some degree of natural hesitation when making a major life decision like this, but for the most part, any concerns that arise can be addressed by professionals in the field—whether it be your personal connections, or a recruiter.

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